Our Climate Voices

creative direction
Khari Slaughter, Esthefany Castillo, Aletta Brady
Nonprofit Advocacy Organization
Social Media Design / Digital Design
Social media assets & podcast cover
Our Climate Voices (abbreviation: OCV) is a climate storytelling, non-profit organization that is humanizing the climate disaster through first-person climate change narratives. OCV obtains its narratives through ethical storytelling and shares them on social media to raise awareness of how climate change impacts individuals around the world. By doing so, they help educate the public on climate change and inspire the community to take part in the fight for climate justice.
OCV was in need of a digital media intern that could work together with their team to produce informative social media designs as well as other digital assets when needed.
I created a variety of organic content to promote environmental workshops, events, OCV narratives, and other resources on OCV's social media platforms. The posts were often text-heavy, so I used the brand's bright colors, illustrations/shapes, and friendly fonts to establish a visual hierarchy in each eye-catching design. This helped drive engagement on Instagram; their main social media platform.
When Our Climate Voices decided to create a podcast series, I collaborated with the director of design—Khari Slaughter—in order to design a cover for the new podcast, Climate Change is Personal. Khari was inspired by forest imagery and wanted the cover to have a naturalistic look. With this in mind, I went through OCV's graphic assets and used a variety of illustrations to successfully convey Khari's vision while making sure the title and logo stood out among the foliage.
Twitter & Facebook banners of OCV's 2021 summer recruitment post.

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