creative direction
Bradford Prairie
Page Layout / Branding
Magazine logo, cover design, interior design, subscription mailer & mobile site
Numinous is a quarterly subscription magazine that features various street art related subjects such as music, breathtaking murals, graffiti, special events, and interviews with some of the most influential street artists to date. The magazine targets individuals ages 18-35 that have an affinity for street art and the culture surrounding it.
The word “Numinous” suggests that something is mysterious or spiritual; usually appealing to your emotions or aesthetic sense. This is the spirit and brand voice of the magazine. To communicate this, I featured an engaging piece of art on the cover along with a stenciled masthead on a black background for contrast.
By keeping the text and art separate, it gives the publication an efficient layout and premium feel to differentiate it from other street art magazines. This minimalistic approach entices new readers; leaving them wanting more.
Besides black, the minimalistic color palette includes cyan and magenta; which are used as accent colors. The consistent use of black contrasts the vibrant street art while magnifying the publication’s edgy vibe. A twelve-column grid system was used for layout flexibility. Gotham was used in spreads for its geometric, fresh style with humanistic qualities.
Payoff shot for a street art magazine

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