Seaport Fish Tales

creative direction
Candice Lopez, Bradford Prairie
Seaport Village & Scripps Birch Aquarium
Branding / Illustration / Marketing
Custom logo, banners, brand assets + illustrations, recipe catalog, mobile site & social media assets
Located on San Diego’s beautiful “Big Bay”, Seaport Village is a 14-acre waterfront shopping, dining, and entertainment complex recreating a harbor side setting of a century ago. Seaport Village executives [along with their partners at the Scripps Birch Aquarium] approached the San Diego City College design department for ideas on how to raise awareness of The Tuna Harbor Dockside Market to both locals and tourists.
The seaport fish tales educational campaign was created with the aim of increasing traffic to the market by showcasing the different species of fish found in San Diego waters.
I created a series of environmental banners along with an informational catalog. Each of the banners features an illustration of a local fish accompanied by a quick fact. The banners feature a link to the campaign’s website for people wanting a more in-depth analysis of each species.
The catalog, which will be available at the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market, will educate new customers on each fish by featuring easy and inspiring recipes.
Termina was chosen for the headings for the strength of its extended letterforms at larger sizes and simplicity at smaller sizes. It was mixed with Azo Sans; whose humanistic nuances make it a pleasant read in longer texts. A blue color palette helps tie everything together with a nautical flavor.
My graphic design process for seaport village project
Brand board for seaport village project
Front of banners
Back of banners
Banner mockup by the san diego pier cafe
Payoff shot for seaport village project

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