New B. Classics

creative direction
Candice Lopez
HMH Books
Packaging / Illustration
Custom book covers & belly band
New B. Classics is a series of classic books, published by HMH books, that feature Newbery award-winning books written by women, for women. This series features diverse stories targeting young girls, ages 11-17, who enjoy reading. These dynamic stories, written by female authors, are considered the new generation of classics. HMH wanted the collection to look unified, feminine, and playful.
Each book set, featuring three authors with stories in different genres, is united with a belly band. The double-sided strip highlights brief bios of the female authors. The covers use a series of decorative patterns and illustrations which were inspired by the title, the symbols, and the objects related to each story.
The patterns printed on dust jackets give the books a classic, but youthful feel while helping to decrease the cost of production. A belly band was chosen instead of a box to help differentiate from other classic sets while giving readers information about the inspiring women behind the books.
My graphic design process for the custom book covers created for HMH books
Payoff shot for the custom book covers created for HMH books

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