SUBIR Cultural Hub

creative direction
Sean Bacon, Candice Lopez
Shay Larby, Ami Iapapo-Glass
Illustration / Digital Design / Environmental
Digital posters & custom website
The Students Uplifted By Institutional Reform (SUBIR) Cultural Center at San Diego City College is dedicated to helping City College increase its culture of inclusion through cross cultural awareness workshops, activities, peer mentoring, and a resource center for Dreamers. The center’s overall goal is to become a safe space for students on campus.
The primary audience is a diverse group of students ages 18-25 and a secondary target audience of culturally divergent 26-45 year olds.
SUBIR needed its branding to be approachable, colorful, and trustworthy. To solve this, I collaborated with a team of colleagues on this real world project to develop different aspects of the brand. Our identity system consisted of a parent logo, sub logo, a mid century inspired color palette, and series of cultural patterns that best suited the center’s needs. The font Whitney was used for its warmth, friendliness, and readability.
Using the identity system, a mobile website was created that students could easily access on campus to get information about the center.
I also designed a series of digital posters featured on the large monitor in the center. They feature cultural heroes paired with a motivational quote and respective ethnic pattern. Faded background images symbolize achievements they were well known for. The illustrations serve to connect diverse students to the center and provide a sense of belonging.
Picture of the SUBIR cultural hub at san diego city college
Photo Credit: Ami Iapapo-Glass
Fun Fact
My digital posters made an appearance at the center's grand opening.
Web design created for the SUBIR cultural hub

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