Get Out The Vote

creative direction
Candice Lopez, Sean Bacon
Human Rights Campaign Organization
Nonprofit Advocacy Organization
Illustration / Typography
Poster designs
The get out the vote campaign is a series of voting posters produced by HRC, the Human Rights Campaign organization, targeting the LGBTQ community. The posters aim to raise awareness of the LGBTQ community and political issues to drive voters to the polls. To reach this dynamic audience, it was vital to create informative, visually appealing, and engaging posters.
I crafted typographic portraits of celebrities popular in the LGBTQ community, designed to catch people’s attention and convey information to the community in an ingenious way. This celebrity endorsed campaign connects voters to people they admire. The portraits use condensed sans-serif typography for thick strokes, compressed spacing, and minimal interior counter form.
Gilbert, a font originally designed for the LGBTQ community, is used in striking headlines and statements that could live on banners at rallies and protests. The typeface also provided the rainbow gradient in the portraits that helped breathe life into the imagery and make it stand out.
Payoff shot of get out the vote posters created for the human rights campaign organization

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